Manufacturing Engineering

Our contract manufacturing engineering partner provides a unique service.  Their manufacturing engineers can help design and produce a variety of production line solutions.  With our background in lean manufacturing you can be sure that the design ensures reduced cycle time, improved ergonomics, and mistake proofing.

CAD Layout Support

Our manufacturing engineer partners can provide complete and detailed layout of any type of facility with computer aided modeling.  Clients can request this for small projects or as ongoing layout change support. To scale layouts can be done for manufacturing, auto repair shops, warehouse, and offices.

Tooling and Fixturing Design and Manufacturing

This is a very unique service from design to manufacture of customized tooling for your production processes. Our manufacturing engineering partner's staff can help from conception to complete installation.  They can also take existing fixtures and modify as needed.

- Customized Testing Fixtures

- Simplified Workstation Design

- Customized Tooling for Repair Shops

- Simplifed Assembly Fixtures

Customized Workstation Design

Often purchasing workstation components do not provide the best environment for reducing inventory, flowing products, or presenting tools and parts. Our partner's engineers can design and help make customized yet flexible workstations for almost any production process.

Mistake Proofing

Reducing or eliminating the chance for error in certain parts of the production process is achievable through lean engineering support. Kaizen Assembly can provide this service to a variety of manufacturing and assembly-based processes.

We are able to review existing drawings or visit your facility and assess your need.  If you are interested in contract manufacturing engineering services, contact us for free estimate or to discuss your needs.